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Page last updated December  2014


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Special Notice 

If you like and collect doowop music from the 50’s and 60’s and think you might be interested in DJing on the internet

send an email to DJ Ray by just clicking on the link below.



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DJ Ray is the new owner of DooWopRadio4U.   We  have some new DJ’s that will be added to the lineup soon.  Some of our old DJ’s will do a surprise show visit as soon as all the changes are made.



DJ Ray was born April 29th in New Orleans, La.   He has been a DJ for over 20 years, playing weddings and parties.

DJ Ray
grew up with Doo Wop.  He remembers as a kid walking down Magazine Street in New Orleans and hearing  “Annie Had A Baby”  by The Midnighters and “At My Front Door”  by The Eldorados.  That was when he fell in love with the Doo Wop sound.
DJ Ray  grew up listening to legendary New Orleans DJ’s like Poppa Stoppa and Jack the Cat.
His  love of Doo Wop and fifties R & B is the reason why it is a pleasure to be associated with DOOWOPRADIO4U and all the people that are helping to keep the music alive.


DJ Ray will be waiting on Creole Alley for you to join him.

Monday Evenings From 8 - 10 PM

Thurday Evenings From 8-10 PM


DJ Ray









1 PM - 3 PM








6 PM - 8 PM








8 PM - 10 PM


DJ Ray’s

Creole Alley



 DJ Ray’s

Creole Alley



10 PM - 12 PM