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If you were growing up in the 50’s or early 60’s this is the place for you.  We have live DJ’s  playing the music to bring back all those happy memories of growing up in a great musical era.  You will also hear obscure tunes and ones that just didn’t make the charts in your area.

Unfortunately public radio is no longer playing the music, so we are going to work hard to keep it alive on the internet.


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This microphone will remain here on DooWopRadio4U®

In Loving Memory of

Robert Cusano Sr.

He loved the group, being a DJ here and most of all he loved the music.

We lost Big Bob on October 3, 2006 but he will always be with us here.

He will be in our memories forever.


Big Bob Cusano

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“Chat Room”


To get to know the DooWopRadio4U DJ’s join us in our chat room and introduce yourself.  Get to meet the DJ’s and other members.  We always have a few laughs.



In Memory


This space is dedicated to Johnny Maestro, who passed away on March 24, 2010. 

DooWopRadio4U will do their part in keeping his memory and music alive.



Johnny Maestro

May 7, 1939—March 24, 2010


In Loving Memory Of

Rockin’ Bob Kelly


Today, June 2, 2012,  we lost another DJ at DooWopRadio4U. 

Rockin’ Bob will be greatly missed.  He was always up for a laugh.  He loved his “ballards”, his “foonin” around and his 1955 tunes.

Monday nights will never be the same.


In Memory of

Joe “Speedo” Frazier


DooWopRadio4U will always remember Joe “Speedo” Frazier, lead singer with The Impalas. 

He was also a long time member of DooWopRadio4U chatroom.  Joe was friendly, funny and an asset to our club.


Sept. 5, 1943— April 1, 2014


In Loving Memory


Marilynne (Lady Mare) Kowalski


Mare was Co-founder, Co-Owner and DJ on DooWopRadio4U

along with her loving partner Ed.

She was born and raised in Pennsylvania and for the last few years enjoying her retirement in Florida.

Her Wednesday night Happy Hour, her on-air chatter and her bubbly personality will be missed.


 July 8, 1946— April 7, 2014



Lady Mare


In Memory


Donald (Dandy Don) Wessel


Don loved nothing more then his records, music and DJing on DooWopRadio4U.   Don sang as a kid with his friends in a group called The Veltones.  They were managed by the manager of the Crewcuts.

His brother Kenny sang with the Cordials for many years so music was in Don’s blood.

He will be missed very much.


 August 24, 1945— January 9, 2015



Dandy Don

“Up On The Roof”

The Veltones

Don is in the center